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Chet Pedersen named Honorary Farmer of the Year for Quincy Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day

Staff Writer

QUINCY — In 1981, a celebration was started in Quincy that was designed to promote agriculture. One of the founders of that celebration was Chet Pedersen. This past December, Pedersen passed away at the age of 76. To honor his contribution to agriculture, he has been named the 2019 Honorary Farmer of the Year for Quincy Farmer-Consumer Awareness Day (FCAD).

“We should have honored him before,” said FCAD committee member Larry Williamson. “He probably wouldn’t have taken it. We felt we needed to show honor to someone who made this thing work.”

Pedersen was raised on a farm in the Kittitas area where his father was a farmer.

“It was a way of life for him,” Williamson said.

He went to Washington State University, where he obtained a degree in agronomy. He worked in soil and plant sampling for Columbia Agricultural Consultants in Quincy. Pedersen put a lot of time and money into agricultural education.

“We grow over 50 vegetables seed crops,” said Williamson. “He wanted to make people aware of that, of what the Quincy valley is about.”

One of the ways that Pedersen accomplished that was by serving on the FCAD committee and as its president.

“He was quite a guy,” Williamson said. “He helped people out, a lot of people. He helped out agriculture by promoting it. Farmers grow wonderful, good-quality food. He wanted to have that out there so people could understand it.”

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