Dan Reynolds – Born and Raised

Although years have passed since Dan Reynolds was first exposed to the dairy business

as a child, one thing has always remained constant: his dedication to what he does. Reynolds,

owner and caretaker of Monument Farms in Quincy, Washington, is recognized for being one of

the most attentive dairy farmers there is. Reynolds considers his work on the dairy farm to be a

full time job, and that doesn’t just mean 40 hours a week. At the end of a normal work day, we

all punch out at 5 o’clock and go home, trying to leave our thoughts of work at the office;

Reynolds is never off the clock. Reynolds is constantly tending to the cattle, making sure

everything is going along smoothly without a hitch, while simultaneously enjoying every step of

the journey.

Reynolds grew up on Monument Farms and learned to love the business. After going off

to school and pursuing other career opportunities, Reynolds returned to Monument Farms, a

while after his father retired, in 1998. It was then that Reynolds decided that he wanted to take

the business into his own hands and run it himself. Almost twenty years later, Reynolds remains

successful on his family’s dairy farm. Every day, around 200 cows are milked and produce an

average of eightyfive

pounds of milk (equaling to about ten gallons) per day. This is hard work

by itself, but seems even more challenging when you take into consideration the fact that

Reynolds has to constantly be giving attention to the cattle to ensure that they do not get sick and

their health stays consistent. “I get up for work everyday because I want to take good care of the

animals,” Reynolds said. “I want to make sure everything is going well for them.”

In order to be able to give individual attention to each cow, the number of livestock must

be limited. One of Monument Farms’ most exceptional qualities is its size. By having a smaller

and more controlled environment to take care of, Reynolds ensures that he is doing his absolute

best for every animal in his business. They are all getting the best care, treatments, and attention

there is to be given. “We’re smaller than most of the dairy farms around here, but there’s a reason

for that,” Reynolds said, “we have less animals, but they are all really good quality”. Another

benefit of a smaller farm is the time that Reynolds has to explore the best breeding options for

his cattle. For the past 32 years, Reynolds has been able to dedicate any extra time to working

with embryonic transferring in order to improve the quality of the herd in a shorter amount of


Not only is Monument Farms well respected throughout the Columbia Basin, it is

regarded as exceptional throughout the country. A bull, named Monument Impression, that was

raised on Monument Farms became one of national success back in 2016. Monument Impression

has sired over 6,000 calves in Canada alone, breaking records and putting Monument Farms’

name on the map. Reynolds takes great pride in this bull, and even has many of his family

members residing on the farm to this day. When asked what Monument Impression’s rise to fame

was like for him, Reynolds said, “it was really exciting because that’s the whole goal of what

you’re trying to do when you breed cattle: you want to have an impact on the breed.” Reynolds

continues to not only create a lasting impact on the breed, but also on the Basin.