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New irrigation store opens in Kittitas

Staff Writer

KITTITAS — A Quincy business has expanded into the Kittitas Valley by opening a new irrigation store. Kooy’s Irrigation opened a new store in April.

Ralph and Gert Kooy opened Kooy’s Irrigation in Quincy in 1975. They came from Alberta, Canada because of the Columbia Basin Irrigation District.

“They saw a lot of potential,” said grandson and manager of the new Kittitas store Justin Kooy.

Kooy’s grandparents started a small farm. His grandpa also welded aluminum irrigation pipe for people in the community. As the need for welding expanded, Ralph bought property and built a shop. Over time, the business evolved into selling irrigation parts and equipment.

Today, the Quincy store employees 19 people, some of whom are the second and third generation of Kooys.

“It’s incredible that we all get along together most of the time,” said Justin Kooy.

The new Kittitas store is the product of several years of planning and work.

“It’s been in the works for many, many years,” Justin Kooy said. “We’ve talked about it for probably a decade. But we really started the process of searching and finding the right location during the summer of 2017.”

By the spring of 2018, they had selected a building. But the cost of setting up a commercial business in an agricultural zone proved to be costly and challenging. In September 2018, the Main Stop Restaurant in Kittitas closed and the building became available. By January 2019, they were setting up the new store.

“We are probably the only irrigation store with drive-thru access,” joked Justin Kooy. “I think that is pretty cool. And no, we don’t serve burgers or pancakes.”

When Kooy’s was originally searching for a location in the summer of 2017, two of the Quincy employees and a Zimmatic representative met at a restaurant in Kittitas to plan.

“The question was asked where, ‘where do we open this business?’” Justin Kooy said. “Several years later, it ended up being that restaurant.”

The new Kooy’s Irrigation had a soft opening on April 9. On June 5, they held their grand opening. With the new store now open, the customers who formerly drove to

Quincy for their irrigation supplies will now be able to get what they need much closer to home.

“All of our customers are excited to have another option in the Kittitas Valley,” Justin Kooy said.

Currently, Kooy’s Irrigation has about 100 Zimmatic irrigation systems in the Kittitas Valley. In addition to selling Zimmatic products, Kooy’s Irrigation also sells gated fittings and PVC fittings. They also sell yard and garden irrigation systems.

“Right now, we are looking at what our future is there,” Justin Kooy explained. “In the future, we are looking to fill the needs of the community.”

The Kittitas Kooy’s Irrigation is located at 904 S. Main St. in Kittitas, right off the freeway. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. They can be reached toll free at 855-968-3184.