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Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association offers scholarships

Staff Writer

KENNEWICK — The Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association (PNVA) has announced that they are offering up to $5,000 in scholarships for the next school year. Preference will be given to members of the PNVA in agriculture, followed by non-members in agriculture and non-members studying other fields.

The Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association represents vegetable growers in Washington, Idaho and Oregon.

“We do education, research and promotion,” said Sheri Nolan, executive director for the PNVA. “We do that by having an annual conference in November of each year, where we have a full educational program. We initiate and support vegetable research. And if there are any issues that arise in the vegetable industry, we come together as an organization and look at the issue, whether it is be legislative, labeling or pesticide issues. We can lend our voice to open communication lines between policy makers and the vegetable industry.”

The PNVA was started in 1987 as the Washington State Vegetable Association. Over time, is has expanded and now serves vegetable growers in three states.

“We work with growers, processors, handlers, marketers and universities in Idaho, Oregon and Washington,” Nolan said. “We have extension agents on our board of directors. It is a place where everyone can get together.”

Each November, the PNVA hosts an annual conference. Last year, they had approximately 800 people in attendance. Members of the PNVA pay annual dues that also includes conference registration. The money from the dues funds scholarships, the conference and research.

“We get a lot of great (scholarship) applications,” said Nolan. “Our first priority goes to PNVA members. They don’t have to be going into agriculture. In the past, depending on the number of applications we’ve received, we have given to members going into different fields. We get a lot of very strong applications in agriculture.”

The PNVA scholarship application deadline is April 30. The winners will be announced in June.

To view the full application guidelines and to download the scholarship application, visit