Basin Business Journal commodity report for July 21, 2023

by Staff report
| July 21, 2023 1:00 AM

Here's how agricultural commodity prices have changed in the last month:

Traded Commodities

CommodityJune 23July 21
Corn (bushel)$8.6547$5.37
Wheat SRW (bushel)$7.11$6.965
Feeder Cattle (pound)$2.315$2.4575
Live Cattle (pound)$1.709251.79825
Lean Hogs (cents per pound)¢91.1251.0009
Random Length Lumber (1,000 board feet)NO QUOTE$5.465
Soybean Oil (cents per pound)¢58.55¢62.95
Nonfat Dry Milk (pound)$1.16$1.175

Source: Yahoo Finance, Chicago Mercantile Exchange

Columbia Basin/Yakima Valley/Wenatchee spot prices

CommodityJune 23July 21
Red Delicious Apples, Extra Fancy (40-lb carton, 64s)$26.95-$32.40$26.95-32.95
Grapes, large Chilean white seedless @ Port of Los Angeles (18 lbs)$25.95-26.95NO REPORT
Grapes, large Chilean red seedless @ Port of Los Angeles (18 lbs)NO REPORTNO REPORT
Yellow Hybrid Onions, medium (50 lbs)NO REPORTNO REPORT
White Onions, medium (50 lbs)NO REPORTNO REPORT
Russet Norkota Potatoes, 70s (50 lbs)$31-$32$30-34

Source: USDA Agricultural Marketing Service National FOB Report, National Potato and Onion Report

Columbia Basin Hay Prices for week ending June 16:

CommodityJune 16July 21
Premium/Supreme Alfalfa (ton)$235NO REPORT
Good/Premium Alfalfa (ton)$215$280
Utility/Fair Alfalfa (ton)$180NO REPORT
Utility/Fair Timothy grass (ton)$325NO REPORT
Premium Orchard grass (ton)$365NO REPORT

Source: USDA Washington-Oregon Direct Hay Report