Basin Business Journal commodity report for Nov. 22, 2023

| November 22, 2023 2:40 PM

Traded Commodities

Corn (bushel)$4.67
Wheat (bushel)$5.5075
Soybeans (bushel) $13.4025
Feeder Cattle (pound)$2.2850
Live Cattle (pound)$1.7575
Lean Hogs (pound)$0.7097

Sources: CME/Associated Press

Columbia Basin/Yakima Valley/Wenatchee spot prices

Red Delicious Apples, Extra Fancy(40-lb carton, 64s)$17.90-24.95
Pears, Bartlett 60s 4/5 bushel cartons wrapped$28.95-38.95
Dry Yellow Hybrid Onions, medium (50 lbs)$9.00-$11.00
White Onions, medium (50 lbs)$13.00-$16.00
Red Globe Onions (25 lbs)$11.00-$15.00
Russet Norkota Potatoes,70s (50 lbs)$10.00-$11.00

Source: USDA Agricultural Marketing Service National FOB Report

Columbia Basin Hay Prices for week ending Nov. 17

Alfalfa - Premium (Trade/Per Ton) Small Square 3 Tie (50)/F.O.B. Retail    $380

Alfalfa - Good/Premium (Trade/Per Ton) Large Square 3x4 (100)/Delivered - feedlot/dairy    $180

Alfalfa - Fair/Good (Trade/Per Ton) Large Square 3x4 (100)/Delivered - feedlot/dairy    $165

Timothy Grass - Fair/Good (Trade/Per Ton) Small Square 3 Tie (50)/F.O.B.-Retail    $400

Timothy Grass - Fair/Good (Trade/Per Ton) Large Square 3x4(1000)/F.O.B.-Retail    $285

Bluegrass - (Trade/Per Ton) Large Square (200)/Delivered-Feedlot/Dairy    $100

Per the USDA, compared to the prior week, retail and domestic hay remains steady. No export sales were reported for the week noted. Premium retail hay supplies are in good demand. Hay with defects remains under pressure. Trade remains slow with light to moderate demand.

Source: USDA Washington-Oregon Direct Hay Report