Nutrien Ag Solutions acquires novel biocontrol technology

Staff Report | July 5, 2024 1:00 AM

LOVELAND, Colo. — In a move to expand its portfolio of sustainable crop protection solutions, Nutrien Ag Solutions announced the acquisition of several patented biocontrol technologies from Suncor Energy’s AgroScience division on June 17.

The centerpiece of the acquisition is a new chlorin-based photosensitizer formulation that acts as a biocontrol agent for integrated pest management programs. This technology introduces a new mode of action that is expected to be effective against various agricultural pests while supporting resistance management strategies.

“We’re thrilled to add this cutting-edge biocontrol solution to our product pipeline,” said Vice President of Nutrien’s Loveland Products Casey McDaniel,  business unit. “As the biocontrol market continues growing rapidly, growers are increasingly seeking bio-based tools that can maximize yields and promote sustainability within existing management practices.”

Field trial data indicates the chlorin technology delivers comparable efficacy, stability and economic value to traditional synthetic crop protection products. It is categorized as a biocontrol, aiming to provide an effective, sustainable alternative.

Nutrien plans to launch the photosensitizer products in select global markets by 2025, with a U.S. submission to the EPA anticipated for 2026. 

“Biologicals represent the next frontier in helping farmers elevate productivity in an environmentally-conscious way,” McDaniel said. “This acquisition allows us to accelerate development of a broader range of bio-based solutions to meet that need.”